Providing Access to Cash at Events

If you live and work in Canberra, chances are that you’ve seen us out and about at events all over Canberra. We do Floriade, Summernats, the National Folk Festival, Canberra and Region Farmers Market, Old Bus Depot Markets – and many more.

We do most events at Exhibition Park in Canberra. We can do very large events with an attention to detail that no one else can achieve.

We have ATM trailers (two ATMs per trailer), single ‘stand alone’ ATMs and any combination thereof. For example, at Summernats, we generally have a total of ten ATMs – two trailers and six stand alones. We provide unprecedented coverage of the site so that all patrons have convenient access to cash without having to stand in long queues.

We monitor all events throughout the duration, with set up and pack away, security, technical support and directional signage all provided. We fully stock all of our event-based machines with cash and ensure that ATMs don’t run out during the event.

In short, we do everything needed to ensure that event patrons have convenient access to cash at your event so that they can enjoy the facilities and entertainment that you provide.

We generally do large to medium size events so that we don’t have to charge a fee to event organisers.

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