A well-placed ATM can make a significant difference to the bottom line of your business.

We offer two models of placement: one where we do everything and one where you help out by putting your cash into the ATM each day.

If you’d like to have an ATM available to your customers, but don’t want the extra work of putting your cash in the machine, we can do that.  We take care of everything, including putting our cash in the machine.  We will install the machine fully cashed and we’ll monitor its activity remotely on-line. We will ensure that the machine has sufficient cash available to meet the demands of your customers.  Essentially, this is the ‘set and forget’ model.

The second model is where we share the income from the ATM with you.  You put your cash in the ATM each day and we share the revenue from transactions with you. We do everything else, including insuring the ATM against damage/theft. This model is one that can provide a solid stream of income to your business. Perhaps you already have an ATM on site from another ATM company, but are not totally happy with the service that you have been getting?  We can replace your current machine with a new Hyosung ATM and show you what excellent service and client support should really be! We have lots of experience with raising client expectations where Canberra businesses have endured years of poor service from out of town ATM providers who promise the world, but deliver very little.

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